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United States Products Co. has many years of product experience in cleaning bores and enhancing accuracy for all types of firearms.

We started as far back as the 1950's when Warren Page, the editor of Field and Stream Magazine, contacted us to develop a bore cleaner.  The result of that contact was an excellent product that had a strong and loyal base in the precision shooting field and is now called USP Bore Paste .

Then in 1985 Ferris Pindell, ten time world benchrest champion, called and asked us to develop a non-toxic, liquid bore cleaner.  The result of that request was a new custom product called Gold Medallion, which imparted excellent characteristics and now is marketed as Remington Bore Cleaner.

In 1996, Clay Spencer, a well-known gun master from Virginia contacted us to re-introduce our original J-B formula because he was notified that J-B no longer was available.  The result of that exchange is USP Bore Paste™  – “The Original Formula.”

To enhance the effectiveness of USP Bore Paste™, we developed the sister products - USP Gun Cleaning Oil™ and USP Cleaner De-greaser™
All products are available individually or in a convenient combo pack containing USP Bore Paste™ and USP Gun Cleaning Oil.™

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